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Part 2/5 - 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales for your Site - Make your site easy-to-use!
In this article Part 2 of 5, we'll go over making your site easy-to-use to boost revenue for your site. Read the previous article: Part 1 - Look at Past Metrics The 2012 holiday shopping season could be the best in years for retailers, and according to Deloitte, a 15-17% increase is forecasted for non-store sales.  That could be you! Even retail giants like Target, has announced they’re doing price matching this season that extends to online competitors such as Amazon, W..
It's Oct, but Christmas is Already Here- 5 Ways to Boost Sales
Being ill-prepared for the holiday rush can mean you’re losing money without knowing it. In this article series, we’ll go over some easy and sometimes overlooked ways to boost your holiday revenue on your website. This article will be split into 5 parts, one released each day. It happens every year; one moment we’re BBQing in our backyards celebrating July 4th, the next, we’re seeing Back-To-School items fly into stores, and immediately thereafter, the all-inclusive term of “The Holidays”..
Official Blog of Lucrazon Ecommerce
Welcome to the official blog of Lucrazon Ecommerce! Soon, we'll be posting up articles that will help small-medium business owners on how to improve their company in all aspects (ecommerce strategy, social media tips, useful lists, advice and interviews from various experts plus more!) We hope you will find these articles useful, along with keeping updated with Lucrazon news.  If you have suggestions of what we should write about that can help your business, feel free to comm..

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